An Online Fitness Game in which you burn fat & win prizes! Train, Eat, Win! Women and men of different age, shape, and job are combined with one common objective to create the initial step towards their fantasy bodies! Motivation, encourage and new friends are guaranteed!

No equipment, no space to exercise, must go to the gym, no reward, no motivation to get out of my flat & train & all more other excuses that keep you from exercising. Are you looking for a solution? We know how to do it fun & easy, at home, without equipment accompanied by people all over the world & get rewarded! #fatbusters is an international online fitness game, where you burn fat & win great prizes, such as vacation on the Maldives, MacBook, iPhone X & a lot more other prizes! The game starts February 5th!

Are You Ready For Change? Join Now & Win The Prize!

What is FatBusterGame? FatBusterGame is a complex of special training programs and nutrition plans which designed in form of exciting & engaging fitness game. All training programs you can do at home without using any fitness equipment. The process of burning fat without stress. Health and Fitness social club. You won’t need to dedicate more than 30-40 minutes to complete each task. You have two options:

  1. You can get up early and dedicate half an hour to a morning workout.
  2. You can get home before midnight, complete your task and upload it to your personal page. The pace of the Game is quite manageable. Most can even find the time to complete the tasks during the day, w le taking breaks at work. You could just spread out the task over a couple of time intervals!

Why is it an Online Fitness Game?

  • You will receive a routine task every day.
  • In the end of the week, you will have examination challenge.
  • In the end of the game, participants vote for the best results.

Why do you need to participate?

You will have the body of your dreams.

You will have full knowledge of healthy lifestyle.

You may win the prizes worth of 10000$

You will meet new friends.

You will have fun!

You want to lose weight, but don’t know how to start? This game is for you!


Are You Ready For Change? Join Now & Win The Prize!