Support Hero embeds a help center right into your app or website as a widget so that users can have simplified, unrestrained access to support.

Support Hero will also tell you which searches were successful and which ones failed. What happens when you know search behavior and effectiveness? You can create better content.

And with an embedded Help Center, customers will be able to quickly and easily find the new and improved support content. Support Hero gives users the info they want and reduces inbound support tickets

Imagine this: You’re swamped with customer support tickets, so you decide to create an FAQ page and tutorials. Creating these resources takes hours, but you push through because you know it’ll be worth it when the support tickets stop coming in and you can focus on more important things (like who keeps leaving the toilet seat up). But here’s the kicker: the support tickets don’t stop coming in. (It’s almost as if your customers are purposely ignoring your hard work.) This is where Support Hero and its embedded support widget comes in.

Ordinarily, Support Hero’s Medium Plan costs 1,188 a year and contains, but you could get for just $49 for a limited time:

  • 3 admins
  • 2 languages
  • Unlimited statistics
  • Unlimited content
  • In-context support
  • Intercom integration
  • Light branding
  • CSS customization
  • Advanced integrations (Drift, Intercom, Freshchat, Zopim)