JetWebinar is a fully customizable platform. Hosts can custom build their registration pages and webinar rooms. They can customize every part of the email funnel leading up to and following the webinar. Host instant LIVE webinars to a large audience. JetWebinar enables you to broadcast high-quality events to a large number attendees with no video lag/latency. This means happy attendees.

JetWebinar empowers you with the tools that you need to get your message across. You can stream real-time live video broadcasts of your webcam and/or your screen. Communicate your message instantly with as many attendees and you need to… wherever they are.

–  No Latency Live Webinars

Host live webinars with no video lag, no matter how many attendees you have on your events.

–  Share Presenter Controls

Share screen and video presenter controls with other hosts/attendees, so you can create engaging presentations.

–  Multiple Organizers

Host events with multiple organizers and broadcasters so your team can easily host large scale events.

–  Interactive Live Chat

Chat in real time with all attendees on a broadcast and engage with questions/comments.

–  Moderated Live Chat

Chat individually in real-time with attendees on a broadcast and provide individual care as necessary.

–  Call To Action Buttons

Pop up special call to action buttons at any point during an event, so people can easily engage in your products and services.