Team Alore has expanded its vistas into marketing automation!! And we are running a special Lifetime deal for Curated by Alore. Click here to read more
With Curated by Alore, we are doing what we did with Alore CRM: Consolidating your marketing tech stack so that you get one consistent experience.
With Curated by Alore you can :

  • Run broadcast campaign for your list of subscribers or custom audience
  • Create a beautifully curated newsletter and host them as curated sites.
  • with our easy drag and drop builder and send it to connect with your audience instantly
  • Schedule campaign at specific date and time. Ideal for sales events, holiday greeting, birthday and anniversary messages.
  • Run cold email drip campaign
  • Manage your social media accounts
  • Create and host beautiful landing pages
  • Monitor the performance of your marketing efforts with our advanced analytics
With growing number of tech solutions, fragmentation has crept in. Ten apps to do ten things. Doesn’t feel right!! There’s time and effort lost jumping between tools, sizable cumulative costs and that feeling of “Isn’t there a single reliable and exhaustive solution.”
We believe that this is the age of platform and at Alore we want to genuinely solve this to give you one consistent experience, consolidate your data and efforts and make you spend less. In the end, we want that we all do more in less! With Lifetime Deal, you will spend even lesser.
Here’s is the Link to Special Life Time Offer > Lifetime Deal
Here is the Link to the video for a walkthrough of Curated by Alore.
If you’re looking to dazzle up your marketing efforts, you won’t be disappointed.